Grow Big School is a well known school of the locality which is from Play Group to Vth class.


We want to make every child a leader of future India.


The School focuses on all facets of Child Development including Linguistic, Socio-emotional and Creative areas. All areas of growth and development are given equal importance.

Our Branch
We have 1 branch in Johri Farm area of Jamia Nagar.

We transform potentiality into reality. Honing and polishing individual personalities so that our kids achieve a socially and personally beneficial life. Children here are nurtured in an all encompassing atmosphere of love, affection and care, facilitating harmonious development of these young minds. They learn with great joy through play and recreational activities and their exuberant energies are channeled to kindle their thought process.

The School is a trendsetter in providing quality education through the latest in educational aids and equipment and providing some unique amenities and facilities to create the proper ambience for study. These include:

  • Teacher-Student ratio of 1:12
  • Introduction of Computer learning from Nursery level.
  • Air-conditioning of all classrooms to protect children of tender age from air and noise pollution and to increase the efficiency of the students and teachers.
  • Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Only the best quality mineral water is served in disposable glasses for drinking purposes.
  • Quality taps in bathrooms and enough staff employed to keep the premises spotless and clean.